STEAM camp

Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math.

For campers entering grades 2 through 8, STEAM are the best Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math summer camp programs around. All STEAM camps are held at Old Court Road.

our schedule For summer 2021

Week 1: June 28 – July 2

Create your very own epic role-playing game where your characters will come to life on the screen! Save your games to play over and over again at home.
Spend the week exploring a mix of all of your favorite science experiments, on all subjects! Each day will be full of chemistry, physics, engineering, and art. This class is great for campers with various interests who want to keep their hands busy!
Learn how to choose ingredients, form recipes, and work together in groups to create your own edible masterpieces – may the best dish win!

Week 2: July 5 – 9

Learn basic Scratch coding skills to code WeDo Lego Robotics. With programmable Legos, build projects such as a Batmobile, Space Shuttle, and more in this hands-on coding class!
Travel across the Milky Way while experimenting with screaming balloon rockets, use solar glasses, use a star finder, build a telescope, construct and launch an airburst rocket, create a glow in the dark model of Saturn, design a UV-bracelet, build a sun-dial, and a model of our solar system!
Whip up delicious treats and explore the chemistry that goes into making them. Learn how to bake biscuits, chocolate croissants, fruit pastries, pizzas, cookies, and even more scrumptious dishes!

Week 3: July 12 – 16

Measure and record rainfall, create a water cycle wheel, build a weather station, learn about the Greenhouse Effect, create a terrarium, design your own tornadoes, and even create “snow” during the summer!
Conduct cool science experiments using DNA, fingerprinting, fiber analysis, and anatomy. Collect clues, identify suspects, and solve crimes using crime-fighting tool kits!
Mix up everyone’s favorite diner menu options: milkshakes, breakfast burritos, banana split strawberries, hash browns, homemade soups, and more!

Week 4: July 19 – 23

Dash and Dot are cleverbots created by Wonder Workshop that can sing, dance, navigate courses, and respond to voice commands. Using a tablet and apps, practice coding the robots to participate in a variety of different challenges and to create new behaviors.
Have a blast learning the FUNdamentals of the forces of nature and the science of motion. Explore magnetism, centripetal force, inertia, momentum, gravity, air pressure, electricity, and explosions!
Mix cooking and art to create Chocolate Galaxy Bark, Edible Slime, Magical Forest Cupcakes, Pink Piglets, Quilt Pizzas, Strawberry Ladybugs, and so many more edible masterpieces in this amazingly delicious hands-on cooking class!

examples of our schedule from summer 2020

Week 1

  • Chef Challenge
  • Junior Meteorologist
  • Video Game Making
  • Robot Building

Week 2

  • Diner Delights
  • Stop Motion Explosion
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Space & Rocketry

Week 3

  • Bake Lab
  • Lego WeDo Meets Scratch
  • Cosmos Astronomy
  • Funky Physics

Week 4

  • Edible Art
  • Dash and Dot Robots
  • Young Physicians
  • Special Effects Make-Up
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