All food items served or distributed by the camp are always strictly kosher.

With consideration to those who keep kosher and to those who have food allergies, we prohibit sharing of food items at all times.

Please note we are not a peanut or allergen free camp.

our lunches
monday Pizza Pocket
tuesday Chicken Nuggets
wednesday Baked Ziti
thursday Chicken Sandwich
Friday Pizza Pocket

INCLUDES: Fruit, Bag of chips and Drink


PRICE: $6.50 per day


NOTE: All lunches will be pre-made & will be given to the camper in an unopened box.


***On Monday and Friday, an additional pizza pocket may be ordered

Hot Lunch

A kosher lunch is prepared and delivered by Knish Shop five days a week.

All lunches will be premade and will be given to the camper in an unopened box. Lunch includes a kosher entrée, chips, fruit, and beverage. Registration is by the day and costs $6.50 per day. Orders must be placed by Wednesday of the week prior to the week when you want lunch. We are unable to offer alternate menu items and though no nut products are used in the menu, we cannot guarantee the hot lunch is nut free. On Friday, an additional pizza pocket is available for $2.00 and must be purchased at the time you place your lunch order.


Our kosher afternoon snack is almost always a cold, frozen confection. It is served during the late afternoon, just when a cold snack feels terrific! On every Wednesday and Friday we serve a dairy snack. If you observe the laws of kashrut, please pack only dairy for lunch on these days.

Lunch From Home

Lunch should be sent in a disposable bag with your camper’s name and bunk written on the bag.

Lunches are kept refrigerated at camp. Although we provide a kosher pareve (neither dairy nor meat) beverage, you may include a favorite beverage in your camper’s lunch as long as it is not in a glass bottle or a can with a metal pull-off top. Please be sure your camper can independently open any food packaging. To ensure as little food as possible is wasted, avoid over packing. Camp is not able to provide a means for returning food home.


You may pack a dairy or a meat lunch, but to be sensitive to the kosher dietary laws of the camp, please do not mix both or send foods not kosher.

Late Stay

At each late stay a kosher cookout dinner is served, including but not limited to, a kosher hamburger and roll, salad with dressing, chips, and a beverage. If your camper does not eat food of this style, or has other dietary needs, you may send dinner for the camper in a separate brown bag marked with the camper’s unit and bunk, and the word “DINNER” to distinguish it from the camper’s lunch. Camp is unable to heat items brought from home. We are unable to offer alternative menu items. However, campers who pack a brown bag dinner are still welcome to enjoy chips, a kosher beverage or any other menu item they are comfortable eating.

All lunch plans subject to change based on safety protocols.

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