Leadership Training

Developing young Jewish women and men into the next generation of leaders.

The Beth Tfiloh Camps Leadership Training (LT) program is a two-year program designed to help develop young Jewish women and men into the next generation of leaders in our community and in our world. The LT program is available for incoming 9th and 10th graders for a period of 4-7 weeks who are not yet ready to be staff but who are past their day camp years.

Our L.T’s will balance responsibility and learning while developing skills and positive attitudes necessary to becoming a counselor or instructor. The L.T. will learn about child development and disciplinary actions. Once ready, the L.T. will assist in a bunk or an instructional area while under direct supervision.

In summer #1, LTs will begin to be trained on leadership strategies and skills while they continue to participate in general day camp activities with their group. The leadership programming will include learning about personal ownership, active listening, empathy, critical thinking skills and more. First year LTs will spend some time getting instruction from the LT program supervisor and working as assistants with counselors or with activity leaders. After an initial training period, 9th grade LTs will be assigned part-time to areas that are suited for them and will be rotated through the summer to provide them with varying scenarios. Additionally, the L.T. group will debrief their own experiences each week (with the LT Director), discussing what they learned so they can be better. The LT’s will also have the opportunity to listen to community leaders, guest speaker, alumni and more as they continue to learn and grow and develop.

In summer #2, LTs are entering 10th grade. In their second year of the program, LTs will be expected to take on a bigger role than the previous year. They will still receive instruction from the LT supervisor and function as counselor and activity assistants, however, LTs will be also able to choose which bunks or camps they wish to work with in their second summer. Also during their second year, LTs will be given the opportunity to travel to other local summer camps to learn other leadership styles and strategies. This will allow for the 2nd year LTs to develop an even deeper understanding of how to become a leader, and they will continue to have the opportunity to listen to community leaders, guest speakers, alumni & more.


LT1’s and LT2’s will both participate in daily group and individual meetings throughout the summer which will reinforce learning, while frequent evaluations will keep the L.T. informed of their progress. L.T.s will be seen assisting in activities; assisting staff and campers with lunch and snack; and giving special attention to campers. The LT will become positive role models for younger campers while acquiring self-confidence & leadership skills.

In both the 1st and 2nd year, L.T.s will also enjoy participating in many camp activities including Ga-Ga, Water Sports at the lake, Ropes Course, Free Swim and more.

Community service credit is given (based on weeks of participation), and is accepted by most high schools. NOTE: LT1’s who participate in all 7-weeks will receive $300.00 off for their LT2 summer. LT2’s who participate in all 7-weeks will receive a one-time bonus of $200.00 if they return the following summer as staff. NOTE: Both LT1’s & LT2’s will never be with campers without a trained staff member.

Results achieved:

  • Training of future camp staff members (responsibility, patience, sensitivity, leadership, teamwork).
  • Creating a model and expectation for all LT Programs in the future.
  • Relationships built with children and staff at BT Camps.
  • Becoming a positive role model and leader outside of camp, including school, their communities, synagogues and life beyond high school.

We highly encourage you to register for at least 3 consecutive weeks of the LT experience, which will help us spend more time with your teen to develop the best leadership and training program.

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