///Travel Camp

Travel Camp

6/24/19 – Welcome to Travel Camp!

We are SO excited to meet our 5th and 6th graders today! We are off to our very first day of trips. That’s right, trips PLURAL! Today, we will be starting with our laser tag and arcade skills at Players and then jumping all over at Stratosphere!

Do you know how good we are at laser tag? It has been quite a morning, dashing up ramps and sneaking around corners, dodging the enemy. Team Red or Blue? Who were the champions? We also rode bumper cars, scampered all over the fantastic inflatables and you should see how many tickets we won from the arcade games!

So, when making the schedule for Travel Camp, I had no idea what Stratosphere was, but I’m glad I know now! Stratosphere has both trampolines AND a ninja course where you can time your run through the course! Wow! Even though jumping and doing tricks was great fun, the highlight was definitely the trampoline dodgeball game where your very own campers bested some stratosphere regulars over and over again!

Travel Camp Unit Head