BT COVID-19 Update

As we continue to plan for what promises to be the most wonderful summer camping experience at Beth Tloh Day Camps (including our Nursery

Camp, Travel Camp and STEAM Camp), we are encouraged by the progress that we have made over the past few months in creating “best practices.”


With this in mind, we are sharing with you our most updated information so you can safely and comfortably plan for your child’s experience for the summer of 2021.


We are working diligently with the following agencies;

Baltimore County

The State of Maryland – Guidelines for Youth Summer Camps.


The American Camping Association

BT Camps Nurses

BT Camps Committee

Dr. Michael Kleinberg (Associate Professor of Medicine and Director, Infectious Diseases, University of Maryland) creating the most updated protocols.


Health Screening

All campers (their parents) and staff will participate in a “Daily Covid Assessment” which will include a health recording of temperature checks and

standard questions regarding potential risks, possible COVID symptoms and exposures, BEFORE BOARDING THE BUS OR ENTERING CAMP.

This is through Magnus Health, used by BT Schools, and is an application that you can use directly from your phone.


Arrival and Departure (Pick Up and Drop Off)

Door to Door transportation will be available.

Some pick ups may be central locations based on registration.

Parents are welcome to drive their child/children to camp & pick up at end-of-day.

We will be unable to permit a camper to ride on any other bus other than their assigned bus.

Siblings will be permitted to sit together.

Bus Monitors and Bus Counselors will be responsible to insure proper social distancing.

Campers can be driven to camp OR Campers can take a bus to camp.

Nursery Camp and STEAM Camp will have staggered arrival and departure times to ensure proper spacing and distancing.

NOTE: On busses, all bus drivers, bus staff and all campers will wear face coverings. Capacity will be reduced, and we will have fewer children and staff on each bus.


Masks and Social Distancing

Should the current county, state, CDC, and ACA guidelines change or update about safety and health protocols, or if a new policy is issued prior to the start of camp, we will inform our camp community and provide an update immediately.

We will follow the current Maryland Department of Health policy, which currently states;

Masks are required for children aged 5 and above and for all staff anytime we are indoors (including bunks), or on buses, or transitioning from activities.

It requires masks to be worn outside for campers aged 5 and above and for staff *when not social distancing.

It encourages masks for applicable outdoor activities for children 5 and under.

At all camps, we plan to have programming and scheduling which will safely allow campers and staff to be together outside while distancing appropriately.

We also plan to have some of our regular indoor programming occur outside. this may include some Arts, Nature, and Theater programming and activities.


When our programming is inside, our mask policy (above) will be in place, although we will also do our best to have a good amount of time outside.



Every location/business has COVID-19 procedures which will be shared with parents prior to camp beginning in June.

All campers and staff will wear masks on buses.

At all camps, campers will be asked to pack two masks for each day of camp.


Daily Movement and Time Allotment

We will use visual markers whenever possible to make it easy for campers and staff to move around camp in a distanced manner.


For groups that are changing clothes in bunks or bathhouses, we will have fewer campers and staff indoors at one time to create appropriate distancing.


Extra time will be given to all groups for changing clothes, for drying off, and for water breaks and more, to ensure that the children still get the same amount of activity time.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

BT Camps professional cleaning service is dedicated to managing the growing need to clean and disinfect all common areas and supplies both during camp & after camp hours.


Camp will also have a dedicated facilities team to manage the growing need to clean, disinfect and sanitize all common areas and supplies both during and after camp hours.


Food Service


Staggered lunches will begin at 11:15am and will continue until 12:30pm. This will help with keeping campers and staff more socially distanced. Campers and staff will be separated by unit and location.

All tables will be separated by at least 6 feet, seating will be assigned daily, and tables will be covered and changed for each new group/meal.

Campers may sign up for pre-packaged lunches or campers may bring their own lunch.

Our food service (Knish Shop) will prepare the food, package it, and then deliver it directly to camp where the camper will be the only person to touch the food.

Campers will be required to bring their own water bottle each day. Water bottles must have the campers name on it. Staff will help campers fill their water bottles when necessary. The camp office will have basic water bottles available to hand out in case a camper forgets or loses theirs.

Group Size

We will encourage social distancing through increased spacing, smaller groups, limited mixing between groups, staggered scheduling, and staggered arrival and drop off when feasible.

To safely distance camper bunk groups and within our program spaces;

• The camp bunk will remain together throughout the day, without mixing with other bunks.

• If there are times when bunks are in the same area, they will remain socially distanced.

• The overall capacity in activity areas & in our bunks will be reduced from previous summers.

• Most of our programming will remain outdoors, which includes moving some of our indoor activities to the outdoors when at all possible. We will use visual markers whenever possible to make it easy for campers and staff to move around camp in a distanced manner.


Unless a parent/legal guardian is picking up a child, visitors will not be permitted at camp at any time during the summer.



As an official Accredited Camp by the American Camping Association, we have increased the number of days that we will be training our staff for the summer of 2021. This will include 25 total hours of regular training curriculum AND Covid-19 related safety and prevention protocol, including any additional training modules required or recommended to us by MDH, CDC, and the ACA.

COVID Positive Case Response

BT Camps will have a response protocol for symptomatic, probable, and positive case responses, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will be managed in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Health, along with MDH and CDC guidelines.

BT Camps will employ at least two registered nurses and at least two Camper Care professionals (all adults), who will be onsite each day.

These protocols are as of 03/25/21, and while the guidelines we have created above continue to evolve, we will monitor and adjust protocols appropriately and safely and we may have more updated information as we move closer to the summer.


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