6/28/19 – So much going on at camp during the first week of our 2019 summer. Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned…

– GaGa is King – who knew there was so much action, determination and fun packed into a square?
– There must be a lot of campers (and staff?) walking around with one sock – please label your camper’s belongings with their name…
– This place never stops. Always something going on that is exciting, fun and filled with laughs, smiles and growing friendships.
– We build Trust at camp – that word has a whole new meaning at the Ropes course – you’ve got to be able to rely on your buddies…
– The campers and staff know to drink lots of water on a hot day – we are constantly filling and refilling the water stations around camp – good for them – hydration is our friend – keep reminding your camper, as we do, to drink the cool water throughout the camp day, and the night before.
– If you think hydration is our friend, then you’ve got to know we’re up close and personal with sunscreen. Let’s keep up the good work and make certain we all continue to apply it as often as we can – counselors can help to assist and remind!!
– Somehow hot, sticky weather brings out the best in a super group of counselors and staff as a whole – seeing these outstanding staff members in action (clearly they are drinking lot of water!). Your campers are really in fun, caring and good hands!
– That Shabbat is a very special time at BT Camps – I am looking forward to seeing the beauty, reach and warmth of a Shabbat each Friday at camp – there really is something special going on here!!

Looking forward to Week Two of this incredible place!

Shabbat Shalom!


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