///Varsity Sports – Update!

Varsity Sports – Update!

8/5/19 – Another great week has wrapped up for a Varsity Sports campers! This week we took to the Gridiron again to complete another football unit. The campers brought their best as most games were decided by a touchdown with a turnover playing a key part of the contest. On Super Bowl Friday you look around the field and campers are supporting their peers cheering as if they’re attending the real deal! It’s so fun to watch these kids grow together and grow close supporting one another even after a defeat. My favorite part though is the fake Gatorade bath each player from the winning team gets with cups if water which they thoroughly enjoy!!

The next 2 weeks our Varsity Campers will have 3 options: Soccer, Golf, or Tennis. Those participating in Tennis and Golf will be going off campus to Suburban Country Club.

From week 5 (sorry my phone ended up in the lazy river at Hershey Park so I had to wait to get a new one). Congrats to:
Andrew F.
Matt S.
Ethan G.
William H.
Dylan S.
Spencer M.

This week’s champs were:
William H. (Again!!!)
Jeremy L.
Kyle S.
Samuel L.
Coach/counselor Darien A.

Varsity Sports Unit Head