///Shabbat @ BT Camps!

Shabbat @ BT Camps!

7/12/19 – As you may have heard from your camper, the theme of this week has been “Shalom” – Peace.

For some, the thought of BT Camps being a peaceful place is somewhat hard to understand. The joyful camper yells, the laughter, music blaring, the sounds of cheering, the singing, the splashing of the water, the thud of the bats hitting the ball, even the rush of Red Run stream after the heavy rains – you’d never suspect that this place could sound peaceful! But the truth is, all these sounds combine to make up some of the best of sounds, joyful noises if you will, a place that just thrives on making summers special in the loudest of ways. These are the sounds of camp. And when you listen closely, you hear happiness, friendships, joy and caring. What could possibly be filled with more peace and life being lived to its fullest – than camp – BT Camps!

Friday afternoon we’ll be celebrating Shabbat at camp – The songs, the joy, the energy will be booming – Peace at camp – sounds so great to us! Be sure to talk to your camper about the sounds of camp, and the meaning of Shalom – you might be surprised at what you “hear”!

We hope you have a wonderful Shabbat and weekend.