Slightly Less Tedious Paperwork

Welcome to Summer:2019. We’re very happy to invite you back as part of our incredible staff! As usual, there’s a bit of paperwork that must be completed before camp begins. Don’t fret! If you have no changes to your tax information from summer:2018 to summer:2019, then you need only complete the Health History form.

Otherwise, the next few pages will take you through information for form W-4 from the IRS, form MW-507 from the Maryland Comptroller, and finally a medical information form. All information is secretly captured and immediately transmitted to camp on submission. Should you need to change your tax information, please download the PDFs of the W-4 and MW-507 worksheets using the links below the second paragraph before you begin. If you are filling out multiple forms, we will only ask for most information common to all of the forms one time and then automatically populate similar fields across the forms on submission.