8/9/19 – One of the sweetest moments of our camp day just so happens to come at the end of each day.

After a long day of great times there is a surge of campers and staff heading to their buses for the ride home. Lots of laughter, campers chatting away and we are pretty certain a good number of campers, exhausted from a full day of fun, ready to nod off on the ride home.

Come the click of the second hand just before the clock turns to four o’clock, the wheels are literally set in motion as the engines of 26 big yellow buses start almost simultaneously. As the buses start to pull out, almost in unison, staff members standing nearby the buses on the parking lot spontaneously wave to the campers as the buses are leaving our camp. But that’s not all, many campers are waving back to many of their favorite staff members and some bus drivers, are waving and beeping their horns – all a way of saying “it’s been a great day, hope you have a nice trip home and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow”. What a wonderful way to end the day at camp! The kind gestures of staff members and campers alike really are a memorable sight to behold…

Then it occurs to me – geez, there’s just a week of BT Camps summer of 2019 to go, and then that we’ll just have the memories of that beautiful daily camp ritual. Indeed, in a few short days, BT Camps’ summer of 2019 will be but a memory. My sharing this is not intended to make you feel sad, but to remind us that there is, indeed, a full week of great times at camp remaining and that this is our chance to make the most of the rest of our BT summer. When talking to your campers, do what you always do, encourage them to have the best day possible at camp and enjoy every moment of it – before it becomes just that, a wonderful memory.

Let’s all make our last week of camp something special for everyone. Shabbat Shalom and have a wonderful weekend!