Oh the sights I’ve seen…

Here we are in the middle of the first week of camp – my first week as Director during the summer and I’ve got to tell you, being at BT Camps is a genuine “eye opener” in oh, so many positive ways!

So, what have I seen (and heard)?

Campers with smiles so wide, laughs so loud and friendships growing by the minute…

Counselors (all our staff for that matter) working hard to make each moment of the day more special than the moment before…

How appropriate when you consider this weeks theme at camp is Chesed – Doing random acts of kindness. Camp (especially ours!) is probably the best place in the world to find yourself doing just that – To see campers and staff helping each other and being there for each other is indeed a sight to behold! Talk to your camper about Chesed and how they can show their family and friends Chesed in action.

Remember the sunscreen, remind them about drinking lots of water and wishing your camper a great day in the hills of BT Camps – now that is a great act of kindness!

Thanks so much for the loan of your incredible campers!

Director, BT Camps