///Mike’s First Summer

Mike’s First Summer

As the registration for the summer of 2019 is well in place, I got to thinking about my first summer as a camper.  Do I recall all the details?  Not lots since it was so long ago, when dinosaurs were walking the fields of Beth Tfiloh Camp…but enough that the special and silly memories have lasted ever since.  I recall going with one of my best friends for that ever vital support; carrying my hand-me-down baseball mitt with me everywhere (Jim Finnegan model – which I still have); singing some incredibly tasteless but fun camp songs (go ahead, ask me the words!); falling into the stream – an almost daily occurrence; my bedroll for rest periods (still have it!) and meeting probably one of the most influential people in my life, my first counselor, Joel.  Here’s the kicker on that last item on my list.  I was eager to locate Joel, and knowing where he used to live – to the Internet I went – and wow – I found my first counselor!  It gave me the chance to share that I am now the Director of the camp where he welcomed me that first day of my camping experiences and to let him know that his fun, warm, influential style as a counselor left an ever-indelible mark on my life and ultimately my career.  

As you are planning your summer, maybe your first, or maybe you are a well-seasoned camper returning to your favorite camp – I hope you can look back at your first summer as a camper and recall, as I do, the huge positive influence that place, or that special person, has meant to you.  Camp has a way of doing just that – making and bringing back incredible memories that have a way of changing our lives – all for the good!  

Of course, we are here to help make your summer memories in any way that we can.  If there is any way that I or any of our BT administrative team can help you in planning your summer memories, please know we are all but a phone call or email away.  

Happy camp memories!

Mike Schneider


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