7/29/19 – Look! Up in the sky…

So, let’s talk superheroes – nope, not the ones from Super Hero Day from a few weeks back, let’s talk about the every day superhero here at BT Camps – your camper’s counselors!

They’re here every day, they are the ones with the huge welcoming smiles, hugs high fives and encouraging words for the campers each and every day at camp. No matter the weather – rain, extreme heat or whatever the skies may bring, these super heroes in shorts and t-shirts do the job of making fun times their focus and every bit as important, offering huge doses of caring and compassion when needed, no matter the age group or camp program – at BT Camps, they are everywhere, everywhere…

Yep, they look like mild mannered teachers, college students, high school upperclassmen, professionals on a “break” from their real world jobs…but you have to take a close look to identify them by their special super powers. Eyes that can see a sad face from across a ballfields, ears that can hear the tiniest of sounds that create a smile or a frown, legs and arms constantly in action to keep up with a bunk of excited campers, and minds as nimble and sharp to turn sad to happy, to make happy – happier and to know, at a moments notice, that their powers are needed for the good of all campers!

Think about it. There’s lots of other things to do out in that “real world” – yet these incredible counselors take the opportunity to make a difference to campers in a setting that isn’t climate controlled, nor as lucrative as some other options. Indeed, the opportunity to teach by example, to make that difference, to create smiles and successes – it is their opportunity of a lifetime that can’t be denied. Yep, in this case, being a superhero is a choice… they didn’t have to make that choice, they did because the choice was theirs!

So here’s your challenge… Ask your camper(s) about their counselors. Sit back and listen closely – it could be a long and fun conversation. And, I am guessing that by the end of that conversation, you’ll agree, they really are superheroes!

Just thought you would want to know the camp you chose for the summer really is filled with some incredible superheroes – Look out Marvel, watch it DC…the real superheroes are here at a camp called BT!

…It’s a bird, it’s a plane – nope – it’s a counselor!

Campily yours…