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Kindergarten Programs

Day Camp

For campers at least 4 by October 1, 2018. Tuition starting at $1,950 with Early Bird discount.

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Ready for an all-day, outdoor camp? We know sending your child to camp for the first time can be intimidating. Who is watching my child? Are they ready for an all-day experience? What about the bus ride? Relax! With Beth Tfiloh Camps, our amazing staff takes extra care to make certain both you and your camper have a great summer experience.

Campers spend the day with others of their age and grade, and can request to be placed with friends. We call the groupings “bunks”. Our youngest campers are supervised by experienced teachers and adults. Each bunk has two counselors: one head counselor and one co-counselor. Head counselors are college graduates, typically a teacher, and are assisted by college students and high school upperclassmen. and a grouping of bunks is further supervised by a Unit Head. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:4! Counselors are responsible for guiding campers through the day from activity to activity and helping them develop social skills and life-long friendships.

Campers participate in a wide variety of activities. Each activity area is supervised by a Department Head who is a skilled expert in their field. A Department Head supervises instructors and aides, all of whom have a professional interest in what they are teaching. Going to Arts and Crafts means being instructed by folks who teach art or are artisans. Your child is very well supervised at all times!

Your camper will enjoy a wide variety of activities including sports, arts and crafts, boating, nature, playground, splashpad, music, with a flare of Judaic/Israeli programming. Everyone swims twice a day, once for instruction and once just for fun. Our pools are supervised by certified lifeguards and swim lessons taught by certified Water Safety Instructors. We follow the Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program and have a great track record of helping even the most timid swimmer gain experience.

Getting to and from camp is part of the fun! Door-to-door busing is available within our normal catchment area and is included with your registration. Each bus is supervised by two dedicated bus counselors who make certain your child is accounted for and has a great time.

All campers in Day Camp must be potty trained. We don’t want our campers to put the “poo” in “pool”.

Part Day Camp

For campers at least 4 by October 1, 2018. Daily from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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Mini Camp introduces all of the fun and experiences of the “big kid’s camp” with an abbreviated day for those who are not quite ready for a full day experience. Morning door-to-door bus service is included, where available, and campers are returned to parents by way of central bus stops in the afternoon. Centralized afternoon stops are determined in the spring based on enrollment.

Mini Camp campers swim once daily in our pod pools which are specially designed for this age group, with half of the time devoted to swim lessons and half to recreation. All other programming is nearly identical to the activities that the youngest Day Campers receive, including arts and crafts, sports, nature, singing, dance, boating, Judaic/Israel programming, and special events.

Supervision for each camper group is provided by an adult head counselor who is a teacher, and an assistant. Instructors are the same as for Day Camp. All Mini Camp campers must be potty-trained, and able to take care of toileting by themselves.


Add a Pizza Slice… $2








Add a Pizza Slice… $2

All hot lunches are served with chips, fruit & a drink!

Why Choose Us?

Door-to-door transportation.

We’re different than other camps. Our buses come right to your door.

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We’re known for our door-to-door transportation. When you register, you receive one bus stop. Tell us where it is. Most of the time this is at your house. Sometimes parents ask us to bus from their work. Where ever it is, if a location is within our normal service area, we’ll get you.

For Mini Camp campers in Baltimore County, we provide door-to-door service in the morning and offer convenient centralized locations for afternoon drop-off.

All of our buses are very modern and are maintained at a high level. We partner with Woodlawn Motorcoach to provide a fleet of over 30 buses that service Northwest Baltimore County, Howard County, and Carroll County. Each bus is driven by a professionally trained driver who is certified and adheres to Department of Transportation standards.

In addition to the driver, each bus has two dedicated bus counselors to provide supervision, support, and encourage fun during the bus ride. Bus counselors are camp staff members who are assigned to ride a single bus every day during the summer. When the bus arrive at your house in the morning and afternoon, one bus counselor gets off the bus to greet you and to help your camper board or depart the bus. The second bus counselor takes care of attendance and in the afternoons helping to wake any campers who have fallen asleep.

Our bus service offers convenience. Does your camper want to ride home to a friend’s house? Do you need your camper to go to a grandparent’s or maybe take a bus that goes to a different area? Call us by 2:30 p.m. or 12:30 p.m. for Mini Camp on the day you wish to make an afternoon or next morning change and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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A staff that makes the grade.

Teachers, coaches, college grads and adults comprise an exceptional staff.

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Beth Tfiloh’s superior staff includes over 200 educators and other professionals, counselors and instructional aides from dozens of different colleges and high schools. Our one-to-four ratio enables us to provide campers with both personal attention and quality instruction.

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Learn to swim.

We’re renowned for our swim programs. Following Red Cross guidlines, even the most timid swimmers learn to swim.

The Gallery.

Live vicariously through our massive collection of photos. Each day we take hundreds of photos and make them available later in the evening for campers, friends and family to view. Always free, The Gallery is the best way to see a day at camp.

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Our resident photographer takes hundreds of stunning photos daily.Through these photos we wish to convey “camp” to those of us not lucky enough to be able to our amazing camp every day. All photos are free to browse and print. We hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.

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We’re a real summer camp.
Get the most from your summer.

Summer break will fly by fast. Make the most of your summer by attending a camp that offers a traditional summer camp program on 60 acres of park-like-land with lots of real summer camp activities.