8/6/19 – It’s more than the colors…

Watching the BT Camps Color War has been a sight to see – of course, seeing the campers and staff in their team colors of Yellow, White, Red and Blue is fun – and I have to admit seeing a so many tutus, boldly colored hair and various “antennas” makes me laugh out loud. But it is also what I’ve been hearing that brings me a smile…

Let me explain…Cheering on your team colors is certainly a sound of the season, all with their various rhymes and measurable volume are tell-tale signs that we are in a good spirited competition amongst good friends. And, what we’re also hearing are constant words of encouragement from campers and staff alike. For instance, while watching “Lake Games” listening to the cheers and yells of encouragement from the counselors, campers, and even the lifeguards was practically inspirational – “You can do it!” “Keep it up!” “ You’re almost there!” “Way to go!” And on and on they cheer – always about doing your best.

Every bit as impressive is the sense of team and working towards a common goal. Reminders that we have to all pitch in and remember to do our part to earn points for enthusiasm, to remember to pick up litter, keep up the team cheers and ultimately understand that good sportsmanship is the essences of the games…Overheard at an intense gaga game at a particularly important moment, one camper shared that he was, indeed, “out”; his counselor’s response was so on the point – “That’s great sportsmanship!” the counselor immediately responded. Oh the lessons we learn with the right kind of leadership.

Sure, the points are a part of the motivation – and at the same time, it’s what we are all learning, yes, winning is fun and if I heard it once, I heard it many times – we’re having fun whether we are first, second, third or fourth – let’s keep on giving our best and have a great time!

It has been a great and fun start to the BT Camps Color War games. We are all looking forward to the added competitions whether they be sports, singing, cheering, or arts oriented activities – of one thing we can be assured, it really is about the fun, team and friendships continuing only as they can at a great camp – our BT Camps.

Go Red, Blue, Yellow and White!!