8/2/19 – I’ve never seen anything like it.

You could feel the eager anticipation.

You could sense the excitement.

You know there is so much talk and speculation going on about it. Colors, colors, they were talking about colors!

Yep you guessed it… the talk, the eager anticipation, the excitement – it’s about the upcoming BT Camps Color War.

When are they going to break it? Who will be leading? What color will I be? Who will be on my team?

From my perspective, as a BT first timer not knowing what is in the offing, this has been an amazing thing to watch develop! Different than any other program build up that I’ve ever seen before. You can feel the excitement ramping up for what I have been told is a summer highlight for so many campers and staff alike.

We are all eager to see what will happen when BT Camps Color War starts on Monday. Listen carefully to your camper, watch the excitement in their eyes – I can’t wait to see this program in action!

Shabbat Shalom and have a wonderful weekend.