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July 2015

It’s begun!

Camp is well under way and at the end of three weeks, we have a short film for your viewing pleasure.

2015 Week 3

Step right up and take your best shot at our Carnival… oh wait! You’re not campers! That’s okay, you can read all about it in this week’s newsletter and live vicariously through the hundreds and hundreds of photos on the Gallery from Carnival day.

June 2015

2015 Week 1

Summer:2015 is underway. A fantastic first week ended with a brand new tradition: lighting a huge menorah! After you read the newsletter, check out the Gallery.

April 2015

A slide you say?

The wise camper asks, “Why is a slide such a big deal?” To this camper you shall answer, “Because when the best day camp around adds an incredible 60 foot tall, 90 foot long slide that drops you into the lake, it is very big deal.” The simple camper then asks, “So what does this mean to me?” The parent replies, “It means camp is even more amazing than before! The best just got better. Again.”

August 2014

Variety Show

For your viewing pleasure, presenting the 2014 Variety Shows. Watch your camper perform for the camp. These videos are available for you to stream and will remain here until September 15th. If you’d like to download a copy, we recommend using a program like VLC and capturing the stream as you view.

The Early Show, featuring Kinder Camp, Aleph, Bet, and Gimmel.