July 2019

LT Camp!

7/11/19 – LTs are hard at work preparing for next weeks carnival. They are designing signs, creating prize bags and doing well working together.


LT Camp Unit Head


Travel Camp – Hershey Park!

7/10/19 – Surprise! We’re at Hershey Park! I know we weren’t supposed to be here until Friday, but Hershey is no fun in the rain, so here we are! Campers and counselors are already roaming all over the park and having a great time! Garrett Z., Ryan R., Josh B. and Ben L. already rode two roller coasters and and are heading to a third! Counselor Cole A. isn’t so sure…

“The Wildcat is the best coaster ever!” said Emme D. “It was sooooo much fun!”

Travel Camp Unit Head

JV Sports Reminders!

7/10/19 – Hello JV Parents,

I hope that everyone is having a great week. I just wanted to remind everyone that we do not allow umbrellas at camp (it may rain tomorrow). Please also send your camper with sunscreen and water.

Football is going great and playoffs start tomorrow (weather permitting).

Also a heads up for next week. Campers are allowed to bring gloves to camp for baseball week, but no cleats or bats at camp.

JV Sports Unit Head

Senior Camp – Update

7/10/19 – Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s BT Camp Superhero Day! Senior Camp heroes fly into Campcraft to make homemade smores. With our capes carefully hung in the bathhouse, we cooled off in the pool during free swim. Looking ahead, has your bunk picked their song for the Lip Sync Contest (Week 7 Friday)?

Senior Camp Unit Head

Dance Camp – Update!

7/10/19 – We are learning Ballet this week. Some of the moves include barre exercises and port de bras, chane turns and cote jumps in the center for older campers and tendu battements, plie, passe, skips and chasse for younger. Then we put these moves into ballet combinations: Swan dance for older girls and Little Mermaids for younger.

Dance Department Head

Unit Bet – Update!

7/9/19 – Despite the rain yesterday, we had an amazing day playing some indoor games before the skies cleared. By mid morning we were able to be back outside! Don’t forget that tomorrow is superhero day. Bunk Moshe has a stream walk on Thursday and Bunk David will be going next Monday. Please send your camper with old sneakers, swim shoes or rain boots for this fun activity. We are excited for a fun, sunny, and hot day today!!

Bet Unit Head

Unit Aleph – Update!

7/8/19 – Hi Unit Aleph Families,

We had a wet start to week 3 but the campers in Unit Aleph did not let the rain stop them from having a great day at camp. Many of the bunks in unit Aleph used their extra time in the bunkhouse to make paper plate butterflies. It stopped raining just in time for us to go to Sports where we played Soccer, Wiffle Ball and Hockey. Fingers crossed for a sunny rest of the week.

Aleph Unit Head

Varsity Sports – Update!

7/8/19 – Hey Varsity Sports Families,

Not an ideal start to basketball week but our Varsity Sports campers made the best of it. Some of my best memories of working here the past 12 years are days we had to go “off-script” and do unplanned games in the rain. Today was no exception as we got in some TRB, ultimate football, and kickball before finally being able to take to the sports court last period. Should be a great week!!

Varsity Sports Unit Head

JV Sports – Update!

7/8/19 – Hello JV Parents,

Today started out a wet day but we waited out the weather and were able to have a normal day at camp. We made sure to get in our first round of games of football even with the rain coming back at times. The kids had a great time playing football and are ready for round 2 tomorrow.

Please remember to send water and sunscreen with your camper. Also remember that umbrellas are not allowed at camp.

Have a great week.

JV Sports Unit Head

Unit Gimmel – Update

7/8/19 – Dear Gimmel Families,

Rain rain go away!  Even though it’s drizzling Gimmel is out and about at their activities.  Whiffle ball, Nukem, and pool are all being held outside while Arts and Crafts and Hockey are taking place under cover.  Even if the sun isn’t shining Gimmel campers’ smiles certainly are as they attend all of their activities.  With the rain letting up this afternoon we know there is even more fun in store!
Gimmel Unit Head