August 2019

Unit Aleph – Color War!

8/6/19 – Unit Aleph is having a great time at color war!! Yesterday we had relay races to earn points for our color teams. Today Unit Aleph helped with the generals challenge!

Everyone is having an awesome time. Stay tuned to see who wins!

Aleph Unit Head

It’s More Than the Colors…

8/6/19 – It’s more than the colors…

Watching the BT Camps Color War has been a sight to see – of course, seeing the campers and staff in their team colors of Yellow, White, Red and Blue is fun – and I have to admit seeing a so many tutus, boldly colored hair and various “antennas” makes me laugh out loud. But it is also what I’ve been hearing that brings me a smile…

Let me explain…Cheering on your team colors is certainly a sound of the season, all with their various rhymes and measurable volume are tell-tale signs that we are in a good spirited competition amongst good friends. And, what we’re also hearing are constant words of encouragement from campers and staff alike. For instance, while watching “Lake Games” listening to the cheers and yells of encouragement from the counselors, campers, and even the lifeguards was practically inspirational – “You can do it!” “Keep it up!” “ You’re almost there!” “Way to go!” And on and on they cheer – always about doing your best.

Every bit as impressive is the sense of team and working towards a common goal. Reminders that we have to all pitch in and remember to do our part to earn points for enthusiasm, to remember to pick up litter, keep up the team cheers and ultimately understand that good sportsmanship is the essences of the games…Overheard at an intense gaga game at a particularly important moment, one camper shared that he was, indeed, “out”; his counselor’s response was so on the point – “That’s great sportsmanship!” the counselor immediately responded. Oh the lessons we learn with the right kind of leadership.

Sure, the points are a part of the motivation – and at the same time, it’s what we are all learning, yes, winning is fun and if I heard it once, I heard it many times – we’re having fun whether we are first, second, third or fourth – let’s keep on giving our best and have a great time!

It has been a great and fun start to the BT Camps Color War games. We are all looking forward to the added competitions whether they be sports, singing, cheering, or arts oriented activities – of one thing we can be assured, it really is about the fun, team and friendships continuing only as they can at a great camp – our BT Camps.

Go Red, Blue, Yellow and White!!


Unit Gimmel – Update!

8/5/19 – It’s Color War!

Week six has started with a bang as the camp has been split into four teams facing each other in numerous activities around camp. Today groups met to begin working on their song and cheer. Unit gimmel will be participating in Track and Field, Ga-ga, Soccer and Lake Games. It’s going to be such an exciting week. We can’t wait until we see the outcomes!

Gimmel Unit Head

Varsity Sports – Update!

8/5/19 – Another great week has wrapped up for a Varsity Sports campers! This week we took to the Gridiron again to complete another football unit. The campers brought their best as most games were decided by a touchdown with a turnover playing a key part of the contest. On Super Bowl Friday you look around the field and campers are supporting their peers cheering as if they’re attending the real deal! It’s so fun to watch these kids grow together and grow close supporting one another even after a defeat. My favorite part though is the fake Gatorade bath each player from the winning team gets with cups if water which they thoroughly enjoy!!

The next 2 weeks our Varsity Campers will have 3 options: Soccer, Golf, or Tennis. Those participating in Tennis and Golf will be going off campus to Suburban Country Club.

From week 5 (sorry my phone ended up in the lazy river at Hershey Park so I had to wait to get a new one). Congrats to:
Andrew F.
Matt S.
Ethan G.
William H.
Dylan S.
Spencer M.

This week’s champs were:
William H. (Again!!!)
Jeremy L.
Kyle S.
Samuel L.
Coach/counselor Darien A.

Varsity Sports Unit Head

Unit Aleph – Update and Reminders!

8/5/19 – Hi Unit Aleph Families,

It is hard to believe that we just finished up week 6 of camp. Unit Aleph campers had a great week filled with amazing activities! Everyone is really enjoying Arts and Crafts where they have been working on some really cool projects. This week I got to visit several bunks at the lake. I got to see campers swimming with the lake staff and paddling their very own paddle boats. On Friday we ended the week with Israel Day! The kids loved pretending to be Israeli soldiers as they ran through the obstacle course. Friday afternoon we celebrated Shabbat with our friend in Unit Bet.

Week 7 is Color War!! This is a very exciting time at BT camps! Unit Aleph campers have been divided into color teams by bunk so they will get to remain with their counselor and friends as they participate in color war activities 3 period during their sports time. Please remember to dress in your assigned color and cheer on your team!!

Aleph Unit Head

JV Sports – Update!

8/2/19 – Hello JV Parents,

Can you believe that it is the end of Week 6 already? It’s so hard to believe that we will soon be saying goodbye and wishing everyone a great school year. At the end of the week, we said goodbye to Jon and Bailey.

This week we played soccer, and had a great week playing soccer. The Haarleem team, led by Scott, won the World Cup yesterday playing undefeated soccer in the playoffs. Mason Stellar led everyone with 11 goals this week and Brandon Cheskis played amazing defense allowing only 2 goals during the regular season making some crucial saves to help lead his team to the championships and a 2nd place finish.

Next week is football week, so please make sure that the campers do not come to camp with cleats. Please also make sure to send your camper with sunscreen and water.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend and if this was your last week with us, I hope that everyone has a great rest of the summer and a great school year.

JV Sports Unit Head

Color War Has Begun!

8/2/19 – I’ve never seen anything like it.

You could feel the eager anticipation.

You could sense the excitement.

You know there is so much talk and speculation going on about it. Colors, colors, they were talking about colors!

Yep you guessed it… the talk, the eager anticipation, the excitement – it’s about the upcoming BT Camps Color War.

When are they going to break it? Who will be leading? What color will I be? Who will be on my team?

From my perspective, as a BT first timer not knowing what is in the offing, this has been an amazing thing to watch develop! Different than any other program build up that I’ve ever seen before. You can feel the excitement ramping up for what I have been told is a summer highlight for so many campers and staff alike.

We are all eager to see what will happen when BT Camps Color War starts on Monday. Listen carefully to your camper, watch the excitement in their eyes – I can’t wait to see this program in action!

Shabbat Shalom and have a wonderful weekend.


JV Sports – Update!

8/1/19 – Hello JV Parents,

We have had a great week this week playing soccer. We just finished our regular season for soccer and will begin our playoffs/championship today. At the end of the regular season, Mason Stellar is leading with 9 goals and Brandon Cheskis is playing an outstanding goalie. The current standings are:

1. Haarleem (yellow team) led by Scott – 22pts [6-2-4]
2. Vlaardingen (rainbow team) led by Joe – 17pts [3-1-8]
3. Willem II (red team) led by Bailey – 15pts [3-2-7]
4. Ajax (green team) led by Ethan – 14pts [2-2-8]
5. Sparta Rotterdam (blue team) led by Jacob – 6pts [0-6-6]

We look forward to continuing our games today. Please also remember to send your campers with water and sunscreen.

JV Sports Unit Head

July 2019

JV Sports – Update!

7/30/19 – Hello JV Parents,

It’s so hard to believe that we have already began week 6 of camp. Where has the summer gone?

This week is soccer week and we had a great first day yesterday with some very tight/close games (many ending in ties).

Please remember to send water and sunscreen with your campers. Also please make sure that you are labeling your campers belongings in case they are misplaced.

JV Sports Unit Head

Welcome to Travel Camp Week 6!

7/29/19 – Yes, it was overheard today, as two boys carried their tubes up to the water slide at Roundtop Mountain Adventures, “You know, Travel Camp is the best part of camp…”

No argument here.

Roundtop Mountain Adventures was amazing as usual! Our campers scampered through the ropes course, splashed around on bumper boats and slid down an excellent water slide! Beginning week six at Roundtop was a great choice as there were hardly any lines so campers got the ride the famous OGO balls over and over. We closed our trip by taking the ski lift ride up the mountain to view the gorgeous environment surrounding us.

Check out the photos to get a glimpse of our adventures!

Travel Camp Unit Head