///Another (warm) day in paradise!

Another (warm) day in paradise!

7/2/19 – Another (warm) day in this paradise we call BT Camps…

It’s been warming up minute by minute today – and why not – we’re having some really hot times here rustic Reisterstown…

Just so you know, on these warm and hot days, we are constantly aware of the weather and plan accordingly.  As you have read repeatedly, there is always cool water around with dedicated staff members making certain these water stations are always ready for the our thirsty campers and staff.  And counselors and other staff members making certain campers stop to have a drink.  Please continue to help us by starting the water drinking the night before.

Here’s a few reminders about this week…

Wednesday is the Senior Camp Late stay.  Lots planned for that event.  As Doug reminded everyone, if you don’t want to participate, you must call the camp office.  With Doug running the event, you just gotta know it is going to be a very special program!

Of course, we remind everyone to have a wonderful 4th of July.  As you know, camp will be closed Thursday out of respect for our country’s birthday.  Take a moment and reflect on just how lucky we are living in the USA!

Now here’s what we call incredible timing…It’s going to be hot on Friday – what a perfect set of circumstances for BT’s “Water Day”.  Inflatable Slides, any excuse to get wet AND a chance to see your counselors as they brave the slides and other wet wildness.  It really is a great day to get wet, wild and wacky at BT Camps.  Here’s hoping you’ll be here with us – a splashingly good time is sure to happen!

And of course, on Friday we enjoy our Shabbat together – what finer way to end a special week…

Here’s hoping you enjoy the rest of the week at camp – like we say, “Hot Times” with some really cool friends – what could be better?! 

Campily yours.